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About Erin

If you’re here, then it may help to know this about me: 

I’m a hugger. I already wish I could squeeze you forever! 

I’m a close talker. It’s still a problem. People back away and I rarely take the hint that I am just too close for their comfort. 

I’m a befriend-er. I call people my friend and tell them I love them far sooner than is comfortable for most of them. Some people collect coins, or stamps, I collect people in my home and heart. 

I ask deep questions that aren’t meant to be rhetorical.  I have become very comfortable with blank stares, and long silences, and blinking cursors, and three moving dots, as I wait for answers. I’m in it for the long haul. 

I am not good at small talk. Since you’re already my friend, there’s really no need for that, right? While most of my dialogue is comprised of song lyrics, movie quotes, or things my kids say, if it’s none of those, then it’s likely a revelation from the Lord, which means I have to share it! You want me to share it with you, I assume, because we’re already such good friends.  

 I’m a daughter. This is my most important role and the place from which all others derive.  When I forget to put the role of daughter of my Heavenly Father first, I screw up all the other roles I have obtained--wife to the one who does mornings so I don’t have to, mama to the three best impromptu dancers in human history, friend to anyone that will have me, learner, teacher, writer, and goofball extraordinaire.  

I am forgetful. And this little space here, this is the place where I process what I forget, and the ways in which my Father reminds me of who I am.  Somehow, it seems like it always comes down to this truth: “You’re my daughter, Erin. I delight in you. Now, keep going and don’t be afraid! I am with you.”  

Do you need to hear that as often as I do? Well, I hope you stick around, friend (insert virtual hug), we’ve got some (close) talking to do! 

In addition, my story of grace and mercy is a doozy. There's not enough space in this "about" section to tackle it, so head over there and read all about me and how I found my Lord and Savior.