What it feels like to Win the Gold!

In August, the women's US Olympic running team competed in an epic 400 meter relay, eventually taking home the Gold. Because, U-S-A, U-S-A. To recap, in the initial qualifying run they dropped the baton and had to re-qualify. They ran this next qualifying race on a quiet track without any competitors.

That reminded me of the kind of race we are meant to run for Jesus. Not a race that is in competition with anyone else, but against the clock. We’re trying to go the distance with the brief time we have here on earth.

Unlike Team USA, the qualifying race we are running is THE ONLY RACE  There isn’t another one after this. Instead, after this, there is only the celebration being prepared for you, BECAUSE NOT ONLY HAVE YOU BEEN QUALIFIED BUT YOU HAVE ALREADY WON THE GOLD MEDAL THANKS TO JESUS!

Isn’t that amazing news?!

So the question isn’t if you want to compete, because there is no one to compete with, or if you want to win, because you’ve already won. The question is: How far do you want to go?

Most of us are just pacing back and forth at the starting line. Why is that?

Somehow we forget about the gold medal. Wouldn’t it be difficult to run a race when you’re only thinking about, why you shouldn’t be there, what you shouldn’t do or what everyone else is doing?

Those athletes have to psych themselves up and believe that they are able and were born to run their race like no else. They have to be positive that they were built and have been prepared for the race before them. They can’t disqualify themselves before the race even starts!

As Christians, we often psych ourselves out of the race God has called us to run instead of psyching ourselves up for it. We believe little in ourselves and less in the God we serve.

We get this mixed up idea that He is trying to take things away, or telling us what not to do.

Where does this come from? It’s a lie!

We have to get to know Him to know how He loves us!

We have to understand that all that He offers for us!!

Everything I have ever known of God is that He is always giving to us and always calling things out in us that are for our good!

My God says: Love me. Share in my kingdom. Go here. Write this. Stand up. Serve. Talk to me. Love others. Sing. Dance. Believe. Fish. Run. Preach the gospel. Eat. Stay Awake. Rest. Ask. Receive. Be free. Be healed. And, for goodness sake, enjoy! All I have is yours!

These are not “stop” commands, these are “do” commands. If we focused more on these commands I’m certain we’d be less concerned about the other “stop” commands.

We take His commands for granted. Perhaps we think that His words will prove us unworthy or we think that they are meant for someone else. Remember, you’re the only one on the track.

This race isn’t about anybody else but you and Him. All He sees is the gold medal around your neck.

He’s your coach telling you can do it. You were born for this—born to pass the baton to the one ahead of you. It’s your time.

Instead, we shrug off the words from the Creator of the universe but let  me remind you, He separated darkness from light with just four words: Let there be light.

And light showed up, because the light was called by God, obeyed and by His command, was given authority to push away the darkness.He didn’t even speak to the darkness. He just brought out the light. 

 The light in us is desperate to respond that quickly, DESPERATE! Do you feel it wanting to say, “Yes, Father I hear you and I trust you!”


It’s the same with us! When He tells us to do something, He is calling it out in us and giving us authority at the same time.

He knows our desires. He knows His own will and purpose for us.

When he tells you to do something He is giving you a command, a calling and the authority to complete it!

He is ordaining you!

Step into His marvelous light!

The Women’s 400 relay team is made up of world class Olympians–gold medalists. There isn’t anyone better on the earth. And yet, if you asked them if they could have just one more day to perfect their form, or practice, I bet they would say, ‘yes.’

In fact, up until the very last moment I saw one of the women, English Gardner, practicing. She was straightening her arm back to grasp the baton. Was that really necessary? Probably not. She’s made that move a million times. Her muscles know exactly what to do.

That’s why he doesn’t give us one more day to start the race; He wants us to start now because He has given you the Holy Spirit to guide you in exactly what to do. He is your muscle memory. And remember, He is the Champion of Heaven!

But truthfully, we can feel unworthy in these shoes. And you’ll psych yourself out if you don’t get started now because this race and these steps can be intimidating and scary.

I love this verse:

Philippians 2:12 says:

12 Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not only in my presence, but so much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. 

If you’re running this race the way He wants you to–stepping out, heeding his call—it is going to be scary at times! That is exactly what strengthens our faith, not doing something we can do, but doing something we can’t do without Him.

Whatever He’s calling us to do can either paralyze us completely or it can make us react the same way my baby girl does when I take her into a new place or introduce her to someone new; she comes in closer, she holds on tighter. Even when I’m already holding her, she finds a way to huddle in my arms more deeply. That’s where our Father wants us, huddled in, holding on to Him, secure in His arms.

So step out and keep obeying! Keep doing it even when there is fear and trembling. He is placing the want in you and helping you do this thing He wants you to do. Act like you were born for this, because you literally were.